Morgan Bay (Dexter’s Song)

A song about a TV Show from a few years back that I binge watched. The great @darrengarrett on vocals. He sings along with the Morgan Tabernacle Choir at the end of the song.

Waking up this morning and I’m lacing up my shoes.
Gonna take the boat on a midnight cruise.
Gotta get supplies, set it up like I should.
I got a feeling Angel, there’s gonna be blood.

Rita’s got the baby and she’s packing up the kids.
Gonna take a breather down in south Madrid.
Dad is riding shotgun and he’s going through the code.
Me, I’ve got my needle, and my eyes are on the road.

Rudy’s got a problem, he’s been taking folks apart.
Now he’s got my sister and he’s going to break her heart.
He’s been incognito, he’s been doing it so well.
But now he’s on my table and I’m sending him to Hell.

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  1. Steve, you are as talented as any on the Cakewalk forum, but I gotta tell ya, you drop a tune and expect feedback, but you don’t contribute. I’m a fan, BUT. You laid down a crit and so here I am. Just remember its peer to peer. And don’t take this as I think you should review my stuff, NO, there’s plenty of current content. Keep it up my brother, I truly do respect your stuff.

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