This original is updated for 2019.

From the first McCartney album – 1970 a great time to be alive. This one is sung beautifully by @chrysalynn on Bandlab.

A trio to honor an epic trio, Emerson Lake & Palmer. From bandlab, @the_mooney_blues on 12-string acoustic, electric guitar & backing vocals; @steve2k2 on synthesizers & backing vocals; @eungang on 6-string acoustics, vocals & bass #progressive #classicrock #cover

Here’s a new song by Bill Farr (@eungang) – Bill is a Boston transplant now living in South Korea. I played piano on this one. Everything else is Bill!

Here’s a cover of the old Roberta Flack song from 1973. Elizabeth Darcel is on vocals – check her out on YouTube. Bill Farr on Acoustic guitar. I programmed the drums, played bass and keyboards.

Another great song from the Beatles Rubber Soul album. Bill Farr (@eungang) on acoustic and @eipi on vocals. (Bandlab buddies)