Using Imgburn

Imgburn is a free program that will allow you to create one file that contains an image of a CD-ROM disk. It also will burn one of these images to another blank writable CD.

First you need to get imgburn. Use the button below. If you have any problems with the button, you can go to their website and go to the downloads area.

I consider imgburn safe from a security standpoint, I’ve used it for many years with no issues, but your security system may receive warnings when you try to download it. Proceed at your own risk.

Get Imgburn

Once you click the button, imgburn will start to download. You’ll see it in the bottom left of your browser (I’m using Windows 10 – might be different for you). This will probably end up in your ‘Downloads’ folder. See picture below for how it looks in my browser.

(This is not a full featured installation and usage guide, but there should be enough here to get you going. If not, there is more information at their website.)

This will show you where the program downloaded. Click to start the install. Here’s how it looks on my computer.

Continue to follow all prompts throughout the installation procedure. After installation you should have an icon on your desktop. Use it to open the program and you should see something like this:

If you haven’t downloaded and unzipped the CD image, you should do that now.

Once you have the images unzipped, you will create your CD – insert a blank CD.

Inside imgburn, click on ‘Write image file to disc’. You’ll get the screen below. On this screen click the icon in the lower left to start the burn (See picture below).

The program will ask you which image file to burn. Go to the folder that has the disk image you downloaded (probably in your downloads area) and double click on the .cue file. This will start the burn. See picture below.

After the CD is created, it may eject and then re-insert to do a verify pass to make sure everything worked correctly. When complete, the program will tell you. It may start playing the newly created CD automatically.

Exit the imgburn program.

NOTE: If you do not exit and just click the create button again, it will make another copy of the current disc. Exiting and starting from scratch is one way to make sure you don’t create a duplicate.