Eminescu in the Snow

Well….today I woke up to a howling wind and a bunch of snow. Took a walk outside and came across a statue in the woodsy park near my hotel, the Best Western Silva in Sibiu Romania.

Here’s a picture of the man….not sure he appreciates the snownose.


Here’s the wiki info about Mr. Eminescu. (Link: Wiki Link)

He appears to have had a tragic end of life by being mis-diagnosed and injected with a mercury compound. Even after death, there were “D’OH” moments. Check out this sentence:

Moreover, at the autopsy performed by Dr. Tomescu and then by Dr. Marinescu from the laboratory at Babe?-Bolyai University, the brain could not be studied, because a nurse inadvertently forgot it on an open window, where it quickly decomposed.

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