Bandlab CD Disk 2 Download

This CD file contains some of the great collaborations I’ve been a part of over the last year. You can play and download individual tracks in the player below. Also, there is a link to download a zipped file that will allow you to burn your own CD. Instructions are underneath the playlist.

  1. East St Louis Toodle oo Steve Keith
  2. Fall Apart Blues Steve Keith
  3. Words @doesdwars, @kiwichrys, @steve2k2
  4. Well Wishes @kiwichrys, @thelonewulfproject, @steve2k2
  5. Every Night @kiwichrys , @steve2k2
  6. Harvest Moon @mojoespage, @kiwichrys, @steve2k2
  7. Always Remember Us This Way @kiwichrys, @steve2k2
  8. I Can't Make You Love Me @steve2k2, @cocobark, @kiwichrys
  9. Night From Day @eungang, @steve2k2
  10. The Other Day @eungang, @steve2k2, @textured_grooves
  11. San Tropez @eungang, @steve2k2
  12. Lucky Man @eungang,@steve2k2,@textured_grooves,@the_mooney_blues
  13. From the Beginning @steve2k2, @thelonewulfproject
  14. The Nameless Heights @eungang, @steve2k2, @textured_grooves
  15. Norwegian Wood @steve2k2, @eipi, @eungang
  16. Imagine @steve2k2, @eipi
  17. Wild World @steve2k2, @eipi, @eungang
  18. Dance Class @paranoidcitizen,@gbailey,@steve2k2
  19. We'll Get By @jannasyn,@steve2k2
  20. Vibe Girl @steve2k2


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Click the link below to download the zip file. Once it finishes, unzip it to your hard drive.

Get Disk 2

After you have unzipped the file, put a blank CD into your CD drive and click on the .cue file to start the process.

Here is what it looks like on my computer:

To download Disk One which you can burn to your own CD, click here.

To download imgburn and also get more information on how to install and use it, click here.