Just upgraded to the latest version of Windows. Internet was connected but could not browse.

Searched a bunch of pages – tried a bunch of things.

What worked is this: A Clean Restart

– Hold down Shift
– Click Start
– Click the power button and select Shut down
– Keep Shift held down till the computer completely powers down
– Reboot

et Voila – the internet browsing works.

Love the way the acoustic builds up for the chorus. I was 19!

“Rocky Mountain High” is a folk rock song written by John Denver and Mike Taylor about Colorado, and is one of the two official state songs of Colorado.[1] Recorded by Denver in 1972, it went to #9 on the US Hot 100 in 1973. (The song also made #3 on the Easy Listening chart, and was played by some country music stations.) Denver told concert audiences in the mid-1970s that the song took him an unusually long nine months to write.