What an Experience

Being in Romania, outside the country for the first time during an election – what a unique feeling.

We are 7 hours ahead here in Sibiu. So it was really hard having to go to bed at midnight before the results really started coming in.

It was also tough having to watch CNN, because all of Europe has Fox fever. Nowhere is it carried in any of the hotels I’ve stayed in so far in Munich, Dusseldorf or Sibiu.

You realize you are “way far out” when TV shows have subtitles and you don’t understand either the audio or the printed words! WOW!

So about 8PM (Romania time) I was making all sorts of promises to God if Trump won. Now I have to keep my commitments. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Hills was very gracious in her concession speech. Maybe if she acted that way throughout her life she would have had more success. But the lying didn’t help her out very much either. It was nice not to hear her shrieking.

Even Obama was OK, but you can never really trust that guy anyways. It took 8 years, but his chickens are finally coming home to roost now, aren’t they?

We’ll see how many of those fake Hollywood harlots really move out of the country like they said they would. And enjoy Australia and Canada you fakers.

I woke up around 6 and forced myself not to look at Drudge Report, or my phone at all. It was tough. Gradually I fell back to sleep and dreamed. I know there were a few different plots. All involved Trump winning…I woke up a few times and was so disappointed when I realized it was just a dream.

Then when I finally had to obey my wristwatch and get up, I looked at the text message from my wife with the one word SHOCK. She was not fully convinced of Trump. God what a feeling going to the Drudge Report and seeing the headline. It sounded like he had already wrapped it up.

Turning the TV on I realized it was based on projections and not a sure thing. Worry set in because you cannot trust a large faction of the American electorate.

But things turned out fine anyway. I hope people can finally unite, but I am sure some are beyond hope of doing what is good for the country. It’ll be an interesting 4 years and I hope trump gets support from all.

JEB! really looks lame and silly now – even more so than before. So do George, Johnny McCain, Lindsay ‘Buckingham’ Grahamnesty, et al.

Finally, a song I wrote 8 years ago makes sense.

Gosh, I feel hopeful for the first time in years. I hope Trump don’t blow it. At least we don’t have to worry about the semi corrupt Supreme Court and cabinet anymore. The libs got caught at every dirty trick along the way … Love it. Mitt was either too weak or too stupid to play it right or we wouldn’t have been in this mess to begin with.

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