Windows 10: Adding and Keeping custom columns in File Explorer

Every so often I get the crazy urge to clean up my photo, music or video content and when I do I love to see specific columns in File Explorer.  For Photos, its Date Taken and maybe even Camera Model.  For Music, its Album Size and Protected (to sort between music I’ve purchased or not)


The problem I had was keeping those settings for those folders.  I did some searching and found articles and notes on changing the registry etc, but finally found that you just need to make a few simple changes: Setting the Media template and saving the customizations to that media template.


First,  Select the parent folder and set it to Music, Pictures, Documents, Video or General (whichever you want to customize)

Let’s stick with Music for this example:


Right click on the parent folder and select Properties ->Customize.

Select the template you want to use.

Make sure to select “Also apply this to all subfolders”

Click OK to exit.

Next, customize the folder view with the columns that you want:

Right client anywhere in the red box area…

Select More if you don’t see the attribute you want to add on the quick list.

For Example – I’ve added Protected and Size.

For music I’ve also sorted by # so all tracks will appear in order.


Once you have that setup the way you want it, go to View on the File Explorer menu and select Options -> Change Folder and Search options:

Under view click Apply to Folders.  This will apply the changes you made above to all folders marked as Music.

Repeat customizations for Pictures, Documents or just General folders.

Hope that Helps!

Here is a link to the RX Audio Cookbook for spectral audio correction:

Here’s a copy on the home page as well.

Welcome to the iZotope RX Audio Cookbook

The iZotope RX Audio Cookbook is designed to help you find solutions or ‘recipes’ for solving common audio problems. Each recipe includes step-by-step directions, before and after audio examples, illustrations and tips for solving stubborn problems.

As you work through the Cookbook, be sure to send us your feedback.

Just another tip I found on the web.

Remoting into desktop for UBUNTU. I did something and the menus no longer showed up when I would try remote connection.

This helped me to have my top bar of applications show up again.

cd /home/”youruser”
echo “gnome-session –session=ubuntu-2d” > .xsession
sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp restart

The tip was here:

Just upgraded to the latest version of Windows. Internet was connected but could not browse.

Searched a bunch of pages – tried a bunch of things.

What worked is this: A Clean Restart

– Hold down Shift
– Click Start
– Click the power button and select Shut down
– Keep Shift held down till the computer completely powers down
– Reboot

et Voila – the internet browsing works.

What an annoying problem.

This is the solution.

Had my Sprint gold 64gb S6 since the 12th and have noticed that when I turn off WiFi and get close
to a place I’ve connected before it will automatically connect to it if anybody can help me
figure how to get it to stop this?

This is the Sprint Connections Optimizer. To turn off,
you go to Settings>>Mobile Networks>>Connections Optimizer,
where you can uncheck “Connections Optimizer”

Also, be sure to deselect connecting to partners wifi automatically.
I noticed my S6 was still connecting automatically to Xfinity the
other day because this was still checked.