President Obama wasted 8 years of my life, frittering his time away on a failed healthcare system and worsening race relations by accentuating differences rather than bonds.  What a tragic waste of American ingenuity.

Well today it turns around.


This is a really interesting video.  The part I am posting about starts about 3 minutes in.  Video is from 2004.

Max Born was a physicist in the early 1900s.  He was involved with defining quantum mechanics and the wave function.  Go read about him on Wikipedia.

Here’s a link to the defunct vega site that this came from:


Recently, I’ve been trying to pretend that we know nothing about the universe, similar to people in the far distant past, and duplicating the way that they ‘found things out’.  All this came about because of a Feynman lecture I was watching, where he showed how fast the moon was ‘falling’ to earth due to gravity.  He used certain known values, like the diameter of the earth.  I’m currently using the Internet to consolidate a bunch of deductions and how they were reached, leading up to a calculation of the moon’s velocity due to gravity.  I’ll release it on when I am done, but for now, all this led to looking at the tilt angle of the Earth.  I was interested in how all the planets tilt, and it was incredible how fast the information is found with a simple search.

I thought I would paste the info in here if anyone else was interested.