Here’s an updated cover of the Beatles Fab Song called Because from Abbey Road. @kiwichrys from Bandlab helps out with some vocals here.

In honor of 50 years of Abbey Road, here’s my version. @thelonewulfproject and @kiwichrys on vocals.

From the first McCartney album – 1970 a great time to be alive. This one is sung beautifully by @chrysalynn on Bandlab.

Another great song from the Beatles Rubber Soul album. Bill Farr (@eungang) on acoustic and @eipi on vocals. (Bandlab buddies)

Here’s my version of Imagine. I’ve played this on piano since it came out. At home on my old piano, at my girlfriend’s house, in my best friend’s basement, and many other places I don’t remember. Finally – here it is…done!!! @eipi did the vocals.