Looking forward to the warm weather after all this COLD.

This is a picture of Rudy going up for the ball.

Mark Rober – Fun.

A silly little project, but demonstrates the ease of building and programming electronics these days.




Thursday was International Women’s Day, which sounds like something Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, would have thought up. What—just one day? Blacks get an entire history month. This sounds like the beginning of a bad Jewish mother joke that ends: “Never mind, I’ll just settle for one day.” And I have a further confusion: if gender is a social construct, isn’t having a “Women’s Day” problematic? Whatever, the obvious Trumpian response is to have a National Women’s Day. And by the way, today is Chuck Norris’s birthday, so you can already guess who our gun guy for the week is going to be.

Headlines of the week:

What could go wrong?

Oh come on! You can’t be serious.

Oklahoma sushi?

Seems to be this kid should be rewarded.

A few years back, we had an impromptu celebration when my truck hit 100K miles alongside the highway.  Well now we are at 200K and the celebration continues.   I know, silly….but fun.