Well my son Steve gave his mom something to measure our dog Rudy’s steps.  There IS a leader board, so there is some pressure 🙂

He hit number 1 today for the first time, and boy am I tired.


























I just got the Samsung 49 inch SUHD TV for the bedroom, and a nice mount for the wall. It’s all up and working now. What was awesome is that it sensed my Samsung Galaxy phone and offered to copy all the settings over to the TV if I wanted. HELL YA!!!! Smoothest setup ever.

One thing that took a while was getting the Xfinity remote to handle volume and power. I found the codes I needed and the process online. I came across the manual, which I will share here.

The manufacturer code that worked for me was 12051. There’s a page at xfinity.com/remotes that gives a lot of codes.