The beans are coming along.  Soon I will start the outdoor plants, but for now the indoor ones will do.

Here’s a bunch of the Swiss Chard leaves – they grow pretty fast.

Here’s the beans, the lettuce which I just picked and the chard.

Another shot of the beanies.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been gearing up for indoor growing.

I got a 4 foot by 4 foot growing tent and set it up in the basement.  Then I picked up the shelving and some 25 quart bins with covers.  I drilled holes in the covers and fit in some 3 inch pods to hold the germinated seeds.

Here are some pictures:

This is the grow tent. You can also see one of the containers that will hold the 9 plants.

Here are some lettuce seeds, germinating in ph corrected distilled water.  This is about 3 days in.  I got distilled water and some ph adjustment liquids to make sure the PH was between 5.5 and 6.5.

Here’s looking into the grow tent with one T5 4-foot fluorescent light installed

The first shelf I got was 3 foot wide, but you can actually fit 4 foot shelves inside. Here’s a shot of the first tanks.  This was taken on Jan 30 2018.  I also got a second light for the second shelf.

This is a shot from Feb 14.  There are 4 tanks and two grow lights now.  The lettuce is doing the best, but the spinach isn’t too far behind.

This is from the 18th of February – some nice lettuce!

Well my son Steve gave his mom something to measure our dog Rudy’s steps.  There IS a leader board, so there is some pressure 🙂

He hit number 1 today for the first time, and boy am I tired.


























I just got the Samsung 49 inch SUHD TV for the bedroom, and a nice mount for the wall. It’s all up and working now. What was awesome is that it sensed my Samsung Galaxy phone and offered to copy all the settings over to the TV if I wanted. HELL YA!!!! Smoothest setup ever.

One thing that took a while was getting the Xfinity remote to handle volume and power. I found the codes I needed and the process online. I came across the manual, which I will share here.

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Download [589.66 KB]

The manufacturer code that worked for me was 12051. There’s a page at that gives a lot of codes.