Funny story – I am transferring a bunch of old cassettes ( ! ) to my computer, and I came across this tape of my old friend Dave’s band.  On the flip side was a recording from WERS radio (Emerson College) with a bunch of circa 1983 songs.

There was this song called Pussy Whipped, and it sounded vaguely familiar.  I typed in the main phrase, and came up with this video.  Pretty funny.

“You Talk Too Much” is a 1960 single by Joe Jones. It was written by Fats Domino’s brother-in-law, Reginald Hall, but Domino actually turned down the song. Jones’s version peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other versions by Frankie Ford #87, Georges Jouvin (trumpet), Richard Anthony and Nat Peck (Trombone) et son orchestre

I wrote this song (if memory serves) while Romney was running against the other guy. Or maybe it was when some important decision that the Conservatives needed to stand up to (and probably didn’t) was going on – There were certainly lots of those in the past few years.

It’s been such a disappointment. I was hoping to age gracefully with intelligent people running things rather than the complete morons we have now. Alas, it appears as if we will not get to the glory days anytime soon.

You’ll notice in this song both a rallying cry and also a tinge of either sadness or resignation. At the time of creation, the ‘sadness and resignation’ part was actually supposed to be portrayed as entrance into the promised land once the correct decisions were made….but I guess things didn’t turn out that way.