This is from the Private Lightning album released in the early 80s. I play bass on this. The picture is three band members on top of the volcano on the island of Montserrat where we recorded.

Another Private Lightning song – I’m on bass guitar. The picture is the drum setup in the studio that was used on this song and the rest of the album. Recorded at AIR studios in Montserrat (before it was destroyed by a hurricane).

Another track from the Private Lightning album. Thriller is cut three. I finally got tired of listening to all of the problems caused in the production of this album. Here is a much better version.

I’ve had this sitting on my desk(s) since 1980.  I picked it up while walking along a beach in Montserrat when we were recording our album.

It’s one of the few things I haven’t lost or thrown away 🙂























Well I finally dug out this old box of over 200 cassettes from the basement.

I dusted off (and I do mean DUSTED OFF) my old Denon cassette deck and found this tape with a PL practice session. After a little processing, I was able to get it to the computer, and here it is.

And here’s a pretty picture to look at while you listen.