It’s a good garden year, but it brings on the issue of what to do after the neighbors get sick of taking more zucchini. I did some research and found this zucchini spaghetti maker. Awesome. It works great, and with the right seasonings, some rice and a few steak tips you are all set for dinner.

Plus you get the added bonus of snickering at the slightly pornographic leftovers.

Here’s a new song I am working on. I stole the title. I was going through a bunch of old cassettes and I found one from one of the many many drunken nights spent at my friend Rod’s house…exploring his piano, guitars, recording gear, food and other sundries. It had a song he was writing called ‘Like a Moth to a Flame’. I didn’t steal any of the music, but that phrase captured me. I might steal some of his lyrics though 😀

7/30 Update – I added a funky swirling Vibraphone thingy in the middle with a little Real ADT on it. Also a Battery kick and tambourine, and a piano.